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BEGIN - 30 Days of Tai Chi


Coming Soon: BEGIN - 30 Days of Tai Chi

Get ready for a 30 day immersion into tai chi the fun and easy way. This program is an invitation to reduce your stress while building strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind.


Welcome to BEGIN - 30 Days of Tai Chi

Join me for an orientation to your 30 day journey into tai chi! This welcome video contains some tips to support you during the program. We also ask the question, “Why do I want to BEGIN?”


Day 1 - Awaken Your Energy

Today we learn how to AWAKEN the energy within! This is a great session first thing in the morning or whenever you are low on energy.


Day 2 - Stretch and Loosen

In this session we create flexibility in the body and mind. We start to stretch and loosen all the joints and muscles in the body.


Day 3 - Strengthen Your Foundation

Today we include movements to build strength and endurance in the mind and the body. It’s important to have a firm foundation to build on.


Day 4 - Balance Body and Mind

In this session, we introduce some new tai chi balance movements to help create stability and prevent falls. This will also help you feel more stable and confident in life!


Day 5 - Release Tension

Most people don't realize how much tension they are carrying around in their daily lives. In this class, we start to notice and release tension and stress from mind and body.


Day 6 - Total Body Stretch

This program is designed to create flexibility in your mind and body. While today’s session successfully targets the whole body, it is not just about the physical part of you.


Day 7 - Breathe Easy

The breath is a window into the nervous system. When our breathing is shallow and fast, we are likely in a low, medium, or high-grade stressed state. When the breath is deep and slow, we are likely in a relaxed state which is ideal for healing.


Day 8 - Rejuvenate and Renew

Tai Chi is based on the concept of Yin and Yang - the universe is made up of opposite but balancing forces. Therefore, it’s ok to be very active and busy but we need to balance this out with rest and relaxation so that we don’t get burnt out and suffer.


Day 9 - Soothe and Stretch

Today’s session is a gentle, soothing flow where we stretch and open the body to create mobility and ease of movement.


Day 10 - Restful Sleep

Sleep is so important to our overall health. It really affects how we feel on a daily basis.


Day 11 - Calm and Focused

Everyone gets stressed out at some point. Sometimes we do or say things we regret when we’re caught in the fight-or-flight response or flooded with other emotions.


Day 12 - Feel and Look Younger

Some say that Tai Chi is like the fountain of youth because it taps into our nervous system and puts us in the rest and digest state. This allows our bodies to heal and our minds to be at ease.


Day 13 - Relaxation of Body and Mind

One of the beautiful things about tai chi is that it can help relax your mind and your body. In fact, the two are so interconnected that one usually affects the other!


Day 14 - Stress Relief

Just like the last session, today we continue to soften and let go. When we tune into our bodies, our stressful thoughts take a back seat.


Day 15 - Inner Peace

Did you know that peace resides in us all? Unfortunately, its usually covered by all our conditioning and unskillful patterns in life.


Day 16 - Core Strength

Building a strong core is essential to moving in life, exercising, and with tai chi. When we have a weak core, we tend to compensate with other muscles and patterns.


Day 17 - Flow

As we practice tai chi over time, we start to get into the flow more often. Our movements become smoother, our minds become more at ease, and our hearts open wide.


Day 18 - Stability

In this session, we practice creating stability in the body and mind. This can help us feel confident among the challenges of life.


Day 19 - Inner Mastery

Although tai chi is a journey without a real solid ending, we may start to notice that we are developing a lot of new skill with mindfulness and movement.


Day 20 - Serenity

Tai chi can help us develop serenity which leads to inner peace and wisdom.


Day 21 - Wisdom

Although knowledge is very important to live in harmony with society and nature, it is true wisdom that allows us to be free.


Day 22 - Compassion

It is compassion that can bring true healing to ourselves and others. When we feel with others and let go of judgment, the desire to help naturally arises.


Day 23 - Connection

Connection is essential to thriving in life. Whether its connecting with our thoughts, emotions, other people, or nature.


Day 24 - Service

When we start to release layers of conditioning through tai chi and mindfulness, we tap into our deeper, authentic selves.


Day 25 - Purpose

Tai Chi helps us align with nature. It allows us to get into the flow of life instead of struggling against the reality of what is present.


Day 26 - Kindness

Have you ever noticed the joy that arises when you’re kind to others for no particular reason?


Day 27 - Self-compassion

Have you ever noticed the tone of your inner voice? If you are like me, then you may notice that you are often hard on yourself.


Day 28 - Clarity

Our minds tend to crave complexity. We want to figure things out and solve lots of puzzles.


Day 29 - Forgiveness

One of the most difficult things to do is to forgive. Whether it’s forgiving ourselves or others, it can be hard to let go of the resentments and grievances we’ve held on to for so long.


Day 30 - Love

Love is a word that has many different meanings to people. Some use it to describe desire, some use it for caring, some use it just out of habit.

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