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Day 7 - Breathe Easy

The breath is a window into the nervous system. When our breathing is shallow and fast, we are likely in a low, medium, or high-grade stressed state. When the breath is deep and slow, we are likely in a relaxed state which is ideal for healing.

In this session, we use several movements to increase energy to the lungs and send oxygen to every cell in our bodies.

This will allow you to tap into the nervous system, activate the relaxation response, and enter a state of healing and vitality.

When we breathe more efficiently, we feel more energetic with the ability to do the things we love with the people we love.

That is why we “Begin with Breath.”

Here’s one of my favorite poems that points toward the power of the breath…

“Breath of Life” by Danna Faulds

I breathe in All That Is-
Awareness expanding
to take everything in,
as if my heart beats
the world into being.
From the unnamed vastness beneath the mind,
I breathe my way into wholeness and healing.
Inhalation. Exhalation.
Each Breath a “yes,”
and a letting go, a journey, and a coming home.

Let me know how today’s practice goes for you by leaving a comment in the BEGIN FB group here:

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