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Day 29 - Forgiveness

One of the most difficult things to do is to forgive. Whether it’s forgiving ourselves or others, it can be hard to let go of the resentments and grievances we’ve held on to for so long.

When our nervous systems are on high alert and we’re in the sympathetic (fight/flight) state, we tend to be more reactive and defensive.

We tend to be more identified with the ego.

We’re less likely to forgive and we’re more likely to be focused on getting even, revenge, or we’re filled with some degree of hatred or aversion.

However, with tai chi and mindfulness, the ego has less control.

We are more in a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state where we can see clearly and respond with skillfulness.

This sets the stage for the process of forgiveness. When we can forgive ourselves and others, we are able to free ourselves from the grip of ego, hatred, and delusion.

We don’t have to condone certain actions, but we can forgive the person over time.

This can open us to a sense of inner peace and freedom from the suffering of holding on.

Although this is a difficult task, it can be something that is cultivated over time with tai chi and mindfulness.

"Take forgiveness slowly. Don't blame yourself for being slow. Peace will come."
-Yoko Ono

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