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Coming Soon: BEGIN - 30 Days of Tai Chi

Get ready for a 30 day immersion into tai chi the fun and easy way. This program is an invitation to reduce your stress while building strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind.

Learn more about the experience and sign up here!

BEGIN is a free 30 day transformational journey into the world of Tai Chi and Mindfulness. All you have to do is BEGIN. If you fall off the path, simply BEGIN again!

This program will help you create a life of balance and harmony through the lens of tai chi and mindfulness.

BEGIN starts on JANUARY 1st! (A brief welcome video will be sent to you on December 31st to make sure you’re ready for the journey on the first of the year!)

Accountability is awesome! So invite 1-5 people to do this with you NOW by sharing the following link…

Get ready to create balance in harmony in your body and mind.

Let’s BEGIN together.

GRATITUDE to our “Begin with Breath Connect” Online Studio Members for making this 2023 program possible!

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