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BEGIN is a free 30 day transformational journey into the world of Tai Chi and Mindfulness.

All you have to do is BEGIN. If you fall off the path, simply BEGIN again! 

Meet Your Guide for this Journey...

Adam Head Shot.png

Dr. Adam Potts
Physical Therapist and Tai Chi Instructor

Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Tai Chi Instructor who helps people build strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind.

Join Us for this FREE 30 Day Immersion into Tai Chi... 

100% FREE

No catch. Watch the videos as many times as you like! (no credit card required)

Increase Flexibility

Build flexibility of body and mind to help you stay mobile and free. 


Improve Balance

Train your balance to prevent falls and feel confident and stable in life.​

Boost Energy

Increase energy to do the things in life that you love with the people you love. 



Learn how to reduce stress and create inner peace and relaxation with tai chi! 

Here's How it Works...


You will receive an email with a link to your daily video every day of the program. 


In each of the daily emails, you will also receive support, encouragement, inspiration, and a mindfulness quote for the day.


Don't worry if you fall behind or have to take longer than the 30 days to complete. You will have unlimited access to this program :) 


Introduce others to this wonderful transformative practice and give yourself even more support by sharing the link below...