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Day 2 - Stretch and Loosen

Day 2 - Stretch and Loosen

Day 2 - Stretch and Loosen

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In this session we create flexibility in the body and mind. We start to stretch and loosen all the joints and muscles in the body.


Mobility is so important to us, especially as we get older. Things don’t work quite as well as they did in our younger days. 


This practice will help you not only help you to maintain your mobility but will also allow you to slowly grow in the direction of greater ease and more function in your daily life.


Flexibility is also the foundation of balance. Therefore, this will help you stay safer and more confident with your daily tasks.

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Dr. Adam Potts, PT
Begin with Breath

Thanks for Watching! Invite your friends and family to this 30 day immersion into tai chi for beginners by sharing the link below...

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