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Tai Chi 5-Day Challenge

Learn Tai Chi While Building Strength, Flexibility, and Balance of Body and Mind!

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Dr. Adam Potts
Physical Therapist and Tai Chi Instructor

Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Tai Chi Instructor who helps people build strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind.

What You're Going To Experience Inside This Free Online Training...

Day 1: Footwork and Flow

Learn the "Bow Step" and experience the tai chi flow. 

Day 3: Flexibility and Flow

Build flexibility of body and mind with stretches and tai chi. 


Day 2: Balance and Flow

Train your balance and practice mindful movement.​

Day 4: Energy and Flow

Create balance of energy in body and the mind and then use the energy for healing. 


Day 5: Deepen the Flow

Get in the flow even longer and then learn some balance exercises to do alongside your tai chi! 

Tai Chi

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