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Tai Chi 8 Form for


Learn the Tai Chi 8 Form for Beginners in the Yang-style tradition. You'll also learn the principles of tai chi, and introduction to mindfulness, and experience weekly Tai Chi Flow classes!

Level 1 - Crane

Online Tai Chi Teacher Certification (Level 1)

Get certified to teach the Yang-style 8 Form, the Tai Chi Crane Flow, and Guided Meditation using the Begin wth Breath Tai Chi methodology. This is the first step to become a 200-Hour Certified Tai Chi Teacher.

Level 1 + Level 2

Online 200-Hour Tai Chi Teacher Certification

Get certified to teach the Yang-style 8 Form (Level 1 - Crane) and the 24 Form (Level 2 - Tiger), the Tai Chi Crane Flow and the Tai Chi Tiger Flow, and Guided Meditation using the Begin wth Breath Tai Chi methodology. 

BEGIN is a free 30 day transformational journey into the world of Tai Chi and Mindfulness.

All you have to do is BEGIN. If you fall off the path, simply BEGIN again! 

Meet Your Guide for this Jounrey...

Adam Head Shot.png

Dr. Adam Potts
Physical Therapist and Tai Chi Instructor

Adam is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Tai Chi Instructor who helps people build strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind.

Join Us for this FREE 30 Day Immersion into Tai Chi... 

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Increase Flexibility

Build flexibility of body and mind to help you stay mobile and free.